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The “Anagennisi” Recovery and Rehabilitation Centre of Thessaloniki offers an integrated rehabilitation program for patients with mobility problems of any origin. The Centre has been in operation since March 2005; it is the largest rehabilitation centre in Greece with 230 beds, and so far more than 12 000 patients have been treated here (2005 – 2013). The “Anagennisi” Recovery and Rehabilitation Centre of Thessaloniki has all the necessary equipment, including such features as treatment pool, mobility stand and many others, and it also provides the special services required so that patients may return to their previous occupations and social lives.
Medical attention and care is on offer 24 hours a day; the Centre also works closely with specialized doctors from all the other necessary specialization fields, covering the need for expert medical monitoring. The nursing staff remains in close contact with patients, follows the doctors’ directions for the appropriate care in every area, and works closely with all the other treatment teams. 
100% friendly with wheelchair users.