Human resources




The work of the “Anagennisi” Recovery & Rehabilitation Centre of Thessaloniki is carried out by its highly trained personnel. Individuals with every necessary specialization work together towards the common goal of rehabilitation and meeting every patient’s needs. 
The sufficient and specially trained staff ensures that our patients are well taken care of, without requiring the hiring of private nurses, thus avoiding additional financial burdens.
At the rehabilitation center, the patient is at the centre of our attention. Around them is the team of doctors of every specialty, which coordinates the work towards the patient’s rehabilitation. The experienced nursing staff attends to the patient’s comfortable living conditions and overall health, while the teams of physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists and other support services assist the patient at the process of rehabilitation.
The smooth operation of the centre requires collaboration among the numerous and highly trained personnel at “Anagennisi”. The administrative housekeeping, catering, security and maintenance departments ensure the management of the Centre, so that the work of rehabilitation is greatly facilitated.
The “Anagennisi” Recovery and Rehabilitation Centre of Thessaloniki employees over 230 people, with the common goal of providing services to and meeting the needs of the patients.