Electrotherapy:  Laser  Ultrasound  Diathermia  Composite electrotherapy  Magnet therapy  EMS exercise  Iontophoresis
Ultraviolet radiation Biofeedback 
Incontinence treatment by:  Electrical stimulation  Biofeedback  Kinesiotherapy with instruments

Physical modalities
Paraffin baths  Whirlpool baths
Lymph massage
Thermal treatment

Kinesiotherapy techinques: Brunkow  Brugger 

Neurophysiological kinesiotherapy:  Bobath  PNF – Kabat  E-tecnik 
Manual therapies:  Cyriax  McKenzie  Breathing exercise 

Kinesiotherapy:  Sports therapy  Hydro-gymnastics
Therapeutic exercise in the pool  Traction therapy 
Kinesiotherapy “Suspension exercises”
Gait training
Use of orthotics & Prosthetics
Splint use & casting
Transfer training
Climbing stairs training
Balance & coordination training
“ADL” Activities of daily living (stimulation dept)
Hand function training


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